80 % of all impressions the brain processes come from vision

Visuell brusreducering

Every day we are exposed to millions of visual impressions. Many of them are unneccessary - we have not asked for them, nor do we need them, but still our brains are forced to process them.

Visual noise cancelling reduces the burden on the brain. It makes us feel less stressed and more productive and we avoid wasting precious energy on nothing. 


- for enhanced quality of life

3.5 million Swedes suffer from some kind of impression sensability.

Among these we find persons with: 

* Stressrelated Fatigue Syndrome - 25' Swedes diagnozed annually

* ADHD - more than 225' adults, 3-6 % of all school children in Sweden

* HSP (highly sensitive persons), 15 – 20 % of the Swedish population

* ME/CFS (Cronical Fatigue Syndrome)

* Braintrauma

* Autism


Prevents stress - increases productivity - relieves symptoms

Open office landscapes implicate many impressions and require a high ability to maintain focus from the employees. Existing tools to prevent stress are few and at the same time, many studies show that the need for solutions is huge. According to a Danish study, employees in open work spaces have 2-3 sick days more per year than an average employee. 

Our innovation increases the individual's ability to focus by helping the brain to reduce unneccessary visual impressions. The user saves energy and becomes more productive. 

When travelling by public transport our innvation reduces stress factors and impacts from other commuters for those who are sensitive to impressions. It also makes it a lot easier to maintain focus when working on a train, flight or bus. 

It eases the stay in a public or messy environment. Tests have shown that our solution can be crucial for persons on their way back to work after being on long-term sick-leave caused by stress.


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